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Senapathy Whiteley offers a wide range as indicated below, under the ‘Kheddahide’ brand :

Undyed / Dyed Multiply Presspaper - Grade 'KP.4.1'
Undyed / Dyed Multiply Presspaper - Grade 'K2'
Multiply Presspaper - Grade '4’
Thermally Upgraded Insulating Paper - Grade Kheddatherm

These are manufactured from quality cellulose fibres to meet the insulation requirements of motor, capacitor, and transformer manufacturers. They are made without additives in a multi-vat cylinder machine and are subsequently calendered to achieve a smooth finish. The manufacturing process results in homogeneous layers with excellent mechanical and electrical strength.

The thermally upgraded paper is also available as diamond-dotted press paper when cured with 'B' stage epoxy resin, which could be dotted on one or both sides for use as inter – layer insulation in distribution transformers.


Senapathy Whiteley’s multiply presspaper solutions are ideal for use in: transformers, capacitors, slot insulation, motor slot lining, wraps, high voltage switchgear components, and many similar applications.

Main characteristics

High purity
Heat resistance
Resistance to ageing
Excellent mechanical and electrical strength


Technical Specifications


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