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Sharan Lakshmanan
Vice Chairman & Managing Director

Sharan Lakshmanan has served as Executive Director at Senapathy Whiteley since 1998. In this capacity, he monitors all the operational functions, including the commercial and administrative aspects. His current role has expanded to evaluating international markets for export and seize opportunities for making a significant presence in other global locations.

While Sharan completed his early schooling in Bangalore, India, he has a Higher National Diploma in Business & Finance from a prominent UK-based university. He has also studied at the London School of Economics, an experience that gave him invaluable exposure to concepts in Finance and Accounting.

Sharan is also involved in the management of two restaurants operating under the McDonald's banner and functions as Managing Director for these franchisee outlets.

Sharan is an active member of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) and has previously served as the President of the Bangalore Chapter.

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