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Innovative Insulation Solutions for Power and Transformer Industries

Senapathy Whiteley is the flagship enterprise of the Senapathy Group and a pioneer manufacturer of insulation materials that are essential for the power supply and transformer industries.

The company produces special grades of insulation boards and paper used in power and distribution transformers, as well as other types of electrical equipment. It has also established a presence in the filter media segment, producing base filter paper and impregnated paper for automotive and industrial applications.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities at Ramanagaram Plant

Senapathy Whiteley’s manufacturing facilities are located at Ramanagaram, on the banks of the Arkavathy River, 60 kilometers from Bangalore and off the Bangalore-Mysore Highway.


Indra Prem Menon

Indra Prem Menon has been a core member of Laksola’s senior management since the mid-90’s. Her commitment to growth through product development and customer service has seen Laksola grow from a regional player to industry leader. 

Her relentless drive for greater fulfillment through appropriate technology has seen Laksola transform into a prominent presence in the international arena.

A law graduate, Indra Menon has been a chairperson of the Insulation Division of IEEMA since 2005 and was the chairperson of the organizing committee for the INSULEC seminar in 2009, held in Bangalore. An event graced by renowned professionals in the field of electrical insulation from both national and international companies. 

She has been active in other industry-oriented national institutions such as CII and is also a prominent member of groups involved with infrastructure and industrial development in the city of Bangalore.

A Portfolio of Companies

Meeting Diverse Electrical Industry Needs"

The Senapathy Group comprises several innovative companies in the electrical insulation space. Lakshmanan Isola Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of mica paper-based products used in electrical rotating machines like generators, motors, and traction equipment. Senapathy Symons produces flexible electrical ins

Manufacturers of electrical insulation products for rotating machines, transformers and customised pressboard components to meet individual requirements.

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Lakshmanan Isola Pvt. Ltd.

Manufactures mica paper-based products for electrical rotating machines like generators, motors, and traction equipment.

Senapathy Symons

Manufactures flexible electrical insulating materials in the form of composite materials and varnished fabrics that are used to cover various thermal indices in electrical rotating machines.

Khedda Insulations

Manufactures various types of pressboard components used in power and distribution transformers to meet the specific requirements of individual customers.