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Moulded Components

Moulded Components

Senapathy Whiteley the flagship enterprise of the Senapathy Group, is a pioneer in the manufacture of electrical insulation materials which form an integral part of power transformers.
As part of its expansion plans, a logical step towards forward integration has been the manufacture of Moulded Components for the transformer industry. With the state-of-the-art technology for moulding different kinds of components, they are specialized and highly competent to cater to the stringent and exacting requirements of the customers.

Insulation components from pressboard are primarily used in oil-filled power transformers and distribution transformers due to their high purity, mechanical strength and optimum oil -impregnability. Components such as angle rings, snouts, lead exits etc.. are formed from pressboard and permit precise adaptation to the electrical field conditions prevailing in the transformers. Their high resistance to deformation and di-electric properties are of great advantage, particularly where high field intensities are involved.

Special forming and pressing procedures are employed in the manufacture of pressboard components to ensure right density and dimensional stability.The outstanding mechanical properties of the material provide the appropriate level of protection in the event of short-circuit. Excellent oil-impregnability intensifies the electro-mechanical properties which no other medium can achieve under similar operating environment. Pre-assembled packages of machined & moulded components termed “KIT” have become very popular with users due to convenience in storage, handling & assembly.

Due to extensive & close experience in the field of insulation systems, Senapathy Whiteley has been regarded as a strategic partner by the customers for HV and EHV transformers.