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Calendered Pressboard - Grade K

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Senapathy Whiteley offers a comprehensive range of electrical insulating pressboards under the brand name, ‘Kheddahide’. These are cellulose-based and offered in a wide range of density as specified by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), an international body that maintains standards for fields related to electrotechnology.

Senapathy Whiteley’s pressboards are available in calendered, mouldable, precompressed, and laminated versions. They can be used in transformers with capacities up to 400 KV and have uniform thickness, dimensional stability, low compressibility, and low shrinkage.

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Calendered Pressboard - Grade K

Calendered solid pressboards are made on an intermittent board machine using high quality cellulose. The boards are flattened in a hydraulic press, dried, and subsequently calendered to achieve a smooth finish. No bonding agent is added during manufacturing. The boards have wire marks on one side. The entire manufacturing process is monitored and controlled, right from the preparation of pulp to the formation and drying of the sheets.

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