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Senapathy Whiteley is a key supplier of high performance insulation materials, base and impregnated filter media to energy, automotive and industrial sectors globally.

Senapathy Whiteley is the flagship enterprise of the Senapathy Group and a pioneer manufacturer of insulation materials that are essential for the power supply and transformer industries.

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Symons Insulating Materials

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Senapathy Symons Insulations Pvt.Ltd. has, since its inception in 1970, been a trail-blazer in India in the highly specialised field of electrical insulation systems. It has kept pace with the growth of the power sector on generation, transmission and distribution and the changing needs of the equipments and the Industry for Flexible Insulation materials.

The Company manufactures a range of Electrical Insulating Materials to meet the requirement of various Thermal Indices (105°, 120°, 130°, 155°, 180° and 220°C) in the form of both Composite Materials and Varnished Fabrics used in Low, Medium and High Voltage Rotating Machines.

Composite Insulation materials are available in the form of:

Varnished Fabrics are in different combinations using various substrates like Cotton, Nylon, Silk, Polyester and Glass Fabrics treated with Glyptal, Alkyd, Isophthalate Epoxy and Silicon Varnishes.Further the Company also manufactures ‘B’ Stage Epoxy Impregnated Glass and ‘B’ Stage Epoxy Impregnated Nomex Paper tailor-made to customer specifications.

Senapathy Symons has developed ‘SYMODOT’ Epoxy Diamond Dotted Paper for coil winding applications Transformer and ‘SYMAL’ Aluminium Foil backed Insulating Paper for use in Cable-jointing kit to prevent moisture ingress.Composite Insulation materials are available in the form of:
SYLAX Class ‘E’ Polyester with Presspaper
The Company thus has the experience and expertise to take on challenging and demanding tasks and assignments and to deal with the emerging changes in the patterns demand and technological evolutions.

*Trade Mark of DuPont of USA and material obtained from them.